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MEDIA ALERT     April 19, 2011

Vintage Magazine Nominated for 2011 Utne Annual Independent Press Award

New York City (April 19, 2011) – Vintage Magazine has been named by Utne Reader as a nominee for its 2011 Utne Independent Press Awards.  Vintage Magazine has been nominated in the category of Arts Coverage. The winners will be revealed May 18 at the MPA-Association of Magazine Media’s Independent Magazine Media Conference in San Francisco.

The Utne Independent Press Awards “are designed to celebrate those independent and alternative periodicals that give readers a fresh take on their world,”  according to Utne Reader Editor in Chief David Schimke.

Utne Reader‘s editors nominate publications through an extensive reading process and yearlong examination. All elements, from covers to coverage, are taken into consideration when selecting the nominees and eventually the winners. The nominees appear in the May-June issue of Utne Reader and online at Utne.com.

“We’re quite honored by this recognition. Utne Reader remains distinguished by its commitment to seeking out and bringing to the fore the vibrant vision and voices found in so many alternative and independent publications, “ says Vintage Magazine founder and editor in chief, Ivy Baer Sherman. “We’re delighted and proud to be among this year’s nominees.”

For more information or to coordinate an interview please contact Donna Rothchild at: drothchild@vintagezine.com.

About Vintage Magazine

Vintage Magazine, an award winning publication, is a celebration of design, culture, and the creative possibilities of print. Inspired by Fleur Cowles’ legendary Flair (published 1950-51), Vintage Magazine invites an eclectic roster of writers and artists to survey the historic impact of art, music, fashion, food, travel, and more. In both its content and artful construction, the biannual magazine embodies the word “vintage” in its broadest sense – one that connotes style, excellence, and timeless elegance.

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