The Speakeasy, Revisited

The Speakeasy, Revisited

by Sarah Zimmerman

Prohibition is in the air, and with the new hit HBO show, ‘Boardwalk Empire,’ forbidden alcohol, hidden bars and shady characters are all the rage. Here’s a glimpse of this alluring world of yore-a visit to a few of New York City’s oldest pubs and modern speakeasies that offer up the tastiest of “forbidden” cocktails…

MCSORLEY’S defies the notion that you have to stay on top of current trends to keep up in this city. As one of New York City’s oldest bars, its simplicity has kept it on the map since the Irish pub opened its doors in 1856. With sawdust strewn floors and walls papered with newspaper clippings spanning over a century, the ale house is an unpretentious watering hole that has withstood wars, Prohibition, and the Civil Rights movement. Former presidents, celebrities and local East Village residents alike have kept this bar going for 150+ years, though it wasn’t until the 1970s that women were allowed into the establishment….

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